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How it works

(how to find a lost android phone)

Install the app

Install the android application on your gadget.

We'll find

With the loss of the gadget, UniSafe security service will conduct search activities, depending on the circumstances, the loss organizes:
  - departure to the scene (bars restaurants, hotels),
  - Contacting the Lost and Found Bureau for Transport, etc.
- other activities, depending on the circumstances of the loss.

Manage your device

With the help of the Android application you can lock the phone, protect all your personal data, determine the location of the gadget, take pictures of the kidnappers and much more.

All back

"Antiwar" protects the gadget 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
Security service "UniSafe" will find and return the lost gadget.


All negotiations with the finder will be conducted by UniSafe - you do not need to waste your time negotiating;
The reward will be paid by the company "UniSafe" - you will not need any additional costs;
The courier himself will pick up and bring the gadget, even from another city - do not waste time on the road;
Returning a lost item will allow you not to spend money on a new one.