If you were registered in the system before August 29, 2016, then use the old version of the personal cabinet.



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Using the application



Stages of installation

In the personal account on the site UniSafe.SU you can use the following functions:

  • Remote device lockout
  • remote device lock password change;
  • offline auto-lock when trying to uninstall an application
  • the password for removing the application;
  • remote device formatting
  • Remote location of the device:
    • GPS,
    • By GSM (GPS not available),
    • WiFi (GPS and GSM not available)
  • Remote photographing of a device thief;
  • sending a message to a lost / stolen device with the ability to play, loop and attach to the screen
  • automatic sending of hidden SMS when changing SIM, to service number and to the number specified by the owner. Thus, we will know the number of the phone thief, and hence his passport data.

Step 1. & nbsp; Login to your account.

Step 1: & nbsp; On any device with Internet access, type in the command line of the browser UniSafe.SU. In the upper right corner of the button "key", do not click it (Figure 5).

Result: & nbsp; you are on the login page of your personal account (Figure 6).

Picture 1


Figure 2


Step 2: & nbsp; enter the login (the email you specified when you first logged on to the applications on the android device) and password and click the green "Login" button.

Result: & nbsp; you are authorized on the site. Click on the "silhouette" in the upper right corner (Figure 7) and you will be taken to your personal cabinet & nbsp; (Figure 8).

Step 3: & nbsp; Enter the android device's control panel by clicking on the name of the desired android device.

Result: & nbsp; you get into the control panel android device (Figure 9).

Figure 3


Figure 4

 User Account

Figure 5  Device Management

Step 2. & nbsp; Now you have access to all the functionality of the application.

! Warning, in the "Lost" mode, the following options automatically work:

  • If you try to uninstall the application, the protection mechanism will turn on - the phone will be locked, the default unlock code is "000000", you can change it in your account
  • when SIM is replaced, the hidden, without acceptance SMS with your login to the UniSafe security number and to the number specified by you is automatically sent.